Tiny Treasures

There a yearly competition amongst Wisconsin artist’s called Tiny Treasures. Paintings can only be 2.5″x3.5″in overall size. It can be a real challenge to paint something so small. The challenge is what makes it fun.

This painting came from a picture that was taken by my daughter Allece Merchant.  It is her husband and daughter walking on the beach in Florida at the end of a beautiful day.

I Know the Chicks Dig Me

I have never done a rooster. I took a workshop where the artist that was presenting has painted roosters and chickens to the pont she has gotten nation wide name recognition. Her paintings of barn yard birds are about 12 feet high which I can’t  imagine doing something so large. She was an excellent speaker and I thought I should give barn yard birds a try.  So here is my  portrait of   Mr Rooster king of the chicken yard.