To be Recognized…

I have read that you paint what makes you happy. You do not paint to sell. If you paint what makes you happy you still hope that others will like maybe even love your work. I recently entered an art show in Whitewater and received a “State Award” for one of my pieces. I am very happy and very humbled to receive this award.

My uncle took this picture when he visited Cuba. I saw the photo and wanted to paint it.  It is done in watercolor, 16″ x 20″ on Arches Cold Press. (A smaller version of the picture is attached)

In September my painting will compete with other state winners for a final award.  I look forward to seeing all the winning paintings this fall.

Not Always Serious

I find I can’t always paint seriously. My inner art child wants to do something different. Just paint for fun with no intention to sell or give as a gift. Just paint something whimsical; makes you smile or better yet make a child smile. So here is my whimsical a 5×7 acrylic of “Call me Mrs Foxy “.