Sometimes there are no words.  The killings that I have read about in the news is beyond sad.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said.

My husband and I went to the “Art Fair on the Square” in Madison yesterday.  We have not been there in years and weather was perfect so we decided to go.  Neither of us spoke about it but later we both wondered is it safe to go there.  Will there be extra police?  Will there be someone here in Madison who wants to kill, who wants to take human live.  At one point we heard a single firecracker.  We looked at each other and said this is not a good day to be lighting firecrackers.

While we were there we saw a young man riding his bike around the square around the many people that was there.  He had a billboard on his back that said “Black Lives Matter”.  He agreed to let me take a few pictures of him.  This one below I am going to turn into a painting.  It is an act of healing for me to paint this young man and his message.


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