I have taken a lot of pictures of this birds nest. I remember the work that went into this little home. I was concerned about the nest being built on the porch ledge but I am not a builder. I would later learn that this nest is very sturdy.  High winds and bad weather had no effect.

Two families were born and raised in this nest. I must say the second batch of kids was hard on mama robin. Gone were her well groomed feathers as she worked to feed her family. She looked tired an only seemed to move from her nest when we were “really, really” too close. The babies were constantly demanding food.

The nest is empty now. The wood from the porch railing is clearly visible when you look inside.   A lone leaf is left behind. This last batch of babies were hard on the nest and their mom. A new nest will be needed in the spring should they return.

They were good neighbors even though the kids were constantly running their birdie voices at 5 am wanting food. I think mama robin deserves a much needed rest.

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