Horses have always been in my family. Not my immediate family but my cousins seemed to all have horses.  They had cute names like “buttercup” and “sweetpea”. I never rode their horses. The only time I was on a horse was when I was on my honeymoon.  Very bad idea.

I always watched where I put my feet when I am around horses. I notice that they always look hard at you like they are trying to decide if they want to kick you or let you scatch their heads.

I saw these two horses in Madison pulling a Cinderella like carriage. Everyone looked bappy. So I thought I would take some pictures.  You tell me does this horse like to be photographed?  I took my shots and gave them plenty of space.

Never painted horses before and even though I never owned a horse I was s big fan of Mr. Ed when I was growing up. Don’t know Mr. Ed?  Very cool horse google him.

Acrylic on artist palette.   18″x 11″

Artist Palette Acrylic
When A Horse Sees You

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