5 Bucks

So you have $5 in your pocket and you are in front of Walgreens. So what do you do?  I want something fun but with only a limited amount of cash you need to think this through.  I got it.   Buy a t-shirt!!!  I swear Walgreens has everything. So I did I bought a gray t-shirt. I took it home and I painted it.   I have to say that it was fun and a tad silly painting a shirt with a small plunger.  Today is a cloudy and rainy day where you can easily become bored out  of your mind. You have to do something besides watching it rain.  So here is my one of a kind creation.  

Little Girls

Why is it that little girls can steal your heart?  I have beautiful granddaughters that I can safely say have stolen my heart. My grandsons are just as precious. I think it is the way a child looks at you. They trust you; they love you. They hold nothing back.

My cousin Brenda went to Nepal and her and her friend took some amazing   pictures of the people.  This little girl was photographed by Melanie Boyd Wainwright. With her permission I painted her. Who could resist that face?  

Play it Forward

Sometimes you get an opportunity to do something that just feels good.  Today was one of those days.  About a month ago my husband and I were at Madison’s farmer’s market and I saw this woman selling flowers.  There was something about her that touched my heart.  I took her picture and decided I would paint her  portrait.

So today we went back to the farmer’s market looking for the flower lady.  We didn’t find her right away, but we did find her.  I don’t know if she speaks much English, but there was a big smile on her face when I handed her a copy of her portrait.  It felt so good, so very good to see her smile.  She said thank you and I walked with a big ole grin on my face.

It feels good to do something kind for the pure joying of doing it.  I highly recommend you give it a try.