I don’t know if an awesome planter ensures that your house plants will grow. I do know that I love to get unusual planters.  Like this one.  We were somewhere west of Austin heading to a over the top flea market that my daughter had read about. At least that was what it said in the brochure about this particular flea market.  The brochure was right.

This place was amazing.  If I did not have to think of how I would get things back to Wisconsin I am not sure what I would have came home with.  What I did find was this crazy foot planter. It came with a plant!!!  (Not the one in the picture. The one that came with the planter died which is another life lesson. )

Anyway I had to get it. So today I am looking at my foot planter and thinking life is good.  I love my planter!  Now the next question is can I keep this plant a live over the winter.   

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