Fair Trade

I absolutely love to go to fair trade stores. Whenever we travel I look to see if there is a fair trade store in the area. I love the concept of fair trade that the artists, weavers, potters who create and make the products are given a fair price for their work.

I was in Madison a few weeks ago and stopped at Serrv a fait trade store on Monroe Street.  On the wall they had the most beautiful baskets from around the world displayed.  I askef if I could take a picture. No problem they said. I got home and started painting.

6″x12″ acrylic on canvas

Turning It Up

So I think this is a big deal.  I officially have a logo.   It is one I created myself.  I ordered my logo as round stickers that I will place on the back of my trading cards.  What is a trading card?  Glad you asked.  They are miniature versions of paintings I have done. They measure appropriately 2″ x 3″.  I sell them either as a magnet or on a clip stand for $12.

Yep having a logo just made me feel like a businesswoman ready to sell her art.  If you are in Watertown this Sunday afternoon stop by the senior center. You will find some pretty unique art, jewelry, notecards, quilted wallhangings and even some yummy scones that you can nibble as you look around.

Fund Raiser

As a fund raiser the City of Watertown local artists paint canvas  banners.  These banners are then hung on Main Street throughout the summer. Last Friday evening they were auctioned off.  People were fired up to buy banners.  Last year 39 banners brought in $1600.  This was barely enough to cover the cost of materials. This year over $6000 was raised!!!

Four of the ladies I paint with painted banners. Two of the banners received awards. Just the four of us brought in nearly $1000. It is so increditable to hear people bidding against each other to own  something that you painted.

This banner sold for $250.  I am sure it will like it’s new home in Texas.  Thanks Allece for wanting a piece of your mother’s art.  Enjoy!!