My love of sheep comes from my grandmother.  Every time I paint sheep I think of her. She had this large painting of sheep in a meadow. Watching over the sheep was a young girl. I remember laying on the floor and counting sheep.   No, I did not fall asleep. Seemed like I could never come up with the same number of sheep twice.

My grandmother died at my home on Christmas day 1983.  She had come to spend the holidays. I was always glad that she was with family when she passed away. Her last words were “I’m going to take a nap.”   The holidays are just around the corner and my thoughts turn to her.  Love you and miss you so very much.

Check out my sheep!!  There are only two. Much easier to count. 😜

12″x12″ acrylic
12″x12″ acrylic

3 thoughts on “Sheep and more sheep

  1. I love the top one. He reminds me of a sheep I met in the hills above Derwent Water in the Lake District. We had walked up into the cloud and he was stuck up there with his horns caught in some metal fencing. It took some time for him to accept me, a stranger, being there, but once he was calm with me I was able to free him. He seemed really joyful to be free – he jumped around a bit (like he was jumping for joy) and then came back to me. I walked back down a way so he found the girls he was in with. Sheep are brilliant!

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