Thinking of Spring

There is no snow on the ground which is unusual for January in Wisconsin.  It is wet and damp. It has been like this all week.  

So I started thinking of warmer weather. I took out my box of photographs looking for inspiration for a painting.  Then I saw this picture that I had taken this past spring of this chipmunk who is clearly enjoying his lunch.  

Yep I will paint him.   He seems to enjoy strawberries as much as I do. 

Strawberries for Lunch

2017 – Eye See You

So what will 2017 bring for me?  I hope it is peace. As I read the news there seems to be so much anger.  I hate to think this is how our new year begins.   Seems like no one wants to stop and listen.  Everyone wants to talk.  Everyone thinks what they have to say is more important than what you have to say.  Some have forgotten the difference between hearing and listening.  Some have forgotten what “truth” means.

I hope for understanding.  It isn’t about I am right and you are wrong. I may see things differently; can’t that be ok.  I hope for love.  That is my greatest hope – love. Without love we are all lost.  Love Trumps Hate.

Eye On You 8″x 10″ Acrylic $45