Lets Paint a Purse

So I thought it would be fun to paint purses. It is!  In fact the first purse I painted I sold the next day. And I hadn’t even taken a picture of it yet. 

So right now I am enjoying painting something different. I plan to paint more purses and maybe a few wallets. Got to find the right purses and wallets first. 

I just finished this one and I’m selling it for $35 plus S&H. It is not real leather but I have made it one of a kind.  I hope you like it. 

Modern Woman
Modern Woman

My Silly Bunny

Now I am painting bunnys. Guess where there is one bunny there is more.  I think there are a couple of hundred living under our deck.  Every week I see the teenage version of a bunny start strutting in the yard.   They act like they own the place. 😜

I really wish we didn’t have so many bunnies even though they are cute. 

Timid Self. 4″x4″

Silly Bunny

That is what I call my grandchildren who live in Maryland. I am missing them so much so I grabbed my paint brush and painted something that would make them say……”grandma can I have that picture-please”. Grandma always says yes.   

They are my biggest little fans. 

Silly Bunny