My daughter moved to Texas over 10 years ago. I hate that she lives so far away but that’s another story for another time. I think she is a fabulous photographer a hobby that I wish she had time to do more often but I digress.

She took a photo of a group of steers standing in a field across the street from her subdivision. They look intimidating with their intense stare. They look like a scary gang!

So yes mom had to paint this four legged gang of beef. Well the challenge turned out being in legs. There are more legs then heads in the reference photo. To ensure each steer gets four legs and the four legs lined up with one head requires the use of my magnifying glass. It also requires that others assist me with which leg is with which steer. It helped.

So let me show you the reference photo and my progress with the painting. I still have much to do. It’s been a journey. 🤪

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