I’ve been wanting to paint a group of sheep. I wanted it to be a winter scene. I finally found the right photo and with her permission I started to paint. Seemed like I underestimated the number of legs and ears in this grouping. Each sheep four legs; each sheep two ears. Wait, I think I have two many ears! Did I miss a head?

It was fun and kind of silly at times. I started with a real good base drawing. That is the key to any good painting. A good drawing, then a close review and I started my first set of counting. I painted one or two sheep a day. Then I stopped. Is that one leg or two legs close together? Which sheep goes with these legs? Yikes my eyes were starting to jump. Maybe I need a friend’s help with this puzzle? No I got this. It’s not difficult. I lived on a farm once upon a time. I need to paint on!

So I’m painting sheep and more sheep. I’m coming to the end. I pause. They don’t look fluffy enough. Yes, sheep are considered fluffy but sometimes people say they are wooly. It’s the same thing. ❤️

Do I dare say this? Yes I’m done. They are looking at me like I’m looking at them. Seems like they heard something or maybe a really cute ewe in the neighboring field just caught their eye. 🐑. All I know for sure is I love painting sheep. Why? Well that’s another story for another day.

Thanks to Julie Leatherwood Creek Farms for granting permission to paint from her photograph.

12”x24” acrylic. “Sheep Gazing”

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