Face Painting

This past weekend we had our annual neighborhood block party. I’ve been volunteering to paint kids faces. This year one of them asked if I do birthday parties. I said no, but got to thinking – this could be fun.

I looked on line to get a sense of what to charge. I’m getting better with time but it really depends on how still I can get the kids to not move.

So what would be a reasonable rate?

Face Painting

Amish Chickens

There really is no such thing as Amish chickens but I saw these feathery friends when we stopped at an Amish bakery in Kingston, Wisconsin. If you have never been to an Amish bakery you need to go and go now. It is soooo delicious.

So as I’m enjoying my cinnamon roll I see these chickens running around. Had to take their picture. Of course it means a painting.

This is a small acrylic. 5″x7″. I’m trying to stock up on small paintings for an upcoming event in Watertown. Lets hope I sell all that I have painted. 😃

Farm Chickens