Recognition Always Feels Good

To be recognized for what I’ve created always feels good, but it isn’t why I paint. I paint because it makes me feel calm and happy inside. Seems like the reason should be more complicated but it isn’t. In fact as I look back on my life the reasons I’ve made a lot of life decisions have been pretty simple. I love him; I want to be a mom; I want to help others; I want to make you smile.

So this award humbles me. I’ve said that before and it still applies now. Each day that I can get out of bed, enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband is always a good day. It is the peace I feel each morning and I am glad I’m here. So I ask myself what can I do today to make it better or fun? Never forget fun.

Anyone who is creative knows there are good days and bad days. Sometimes the brain isn’t communicating with the hand that’s holding the brush. Sometimes the brush wants to fly maybe to the other side of the room. The hand holding the brush gets frustrated but the brain knows this will pass. I’m thankful that I have more good then bad days . I’m glad that my art can give joy to another. I am thankful for this talent God has given me.

I thank the Association of Wisconsin Artists for my award. I saw the other paintings and this was a hard competition. My painting called “Sunday Best” reminds me of a young boy who is on his way church. Mom wants to take a picture and he isn’t all that thrilled to comply but he does. I look into his eyes and I wonder about his future.

I’ve heard it said, but I’ll say it again – “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.” Let’s pray for our nation.

Small Wonders

Sometimes after painting something large I want to shift gears and paint something small. I can’t tell you how many rocks I’ve painted and small wood disks. A lot I assure you. Since it was fun painting small and my art studio (aka basement) needed organizing and cleaning I came across these wood disks. I remember buying them because I loved that had been laser cut on the edges. I pulled them out of my stack of future projects and decided to paint them.

They are 8” in diameter with the painting area of 4”. So I had to be creative on a small scale. So I’m done and selling them for $15 each. Hope you like them and you should see how organized my studio is. No, I’m not posting pictures you will just have to take my word “I’m organized”. 🤪

Animal Shelters

There are so many animals that are looking for homes. My kids have gotten their pets from various rescue sites. I always think these animals were the lucky ones.

Painting cats is one of my favorite subjects to paint. They are always cute. You can see they have attitude. I think they know just how irresistible they are. This one has those blue eyes that look like they are following you. She’s sitting on her throne waiting for the love and admiration she is certain to get.

You can’t help but to fall in love. So I encourage anyone looking for a pet to go to the animal shelters in your area. They need homes and love just like we do. What better thing to do but to spend the pandemic with a new furry friend.

“Missy” – 5×7 acrylic