Small Wonders

Sometimes after painting something large I want to shift gears and paint something small. I can’t tell you how many rocks I’ve painted and small wood disks. A lot I assure you. Since it was fun painting small and my art studio (aka basement) needed organizing and cleaning I came across these wood disks. I remember buying them because I loved that had been laser cut on the edges. I pulled them out of my stack of future projects and decided to paint them.

They are 8” in diameter with the painting area of 4”. So I had to be creative on a small scale. So I’m done and selling them for $15 each. Hope you like them and you should see how organized my studio is. No, I’m not posting pictures you will just have to take my word “I’m organized”. 🤪

Animal Shelters

There are so many animals that are looking for homes. My kids have gotten their pets from various rescue sites. I always think these animals were the lucky ones.

Painting cats is one of my favorite subjects to paint. They are always cute. You can see they have attitude. I think they know just how irresistible they are. This one has those blue eyes that look like they are following you. She’s sitting on her throne waiting for the love and admiration she is certain to get.

You can’t help but to fall in love. So I encourage anyone looking for a pet to go to the animal shelters in your area. They need homes and love just like we do. What better thing to do but to spend the pandemic with a new furry friend.

“Missy” – 5×7 acrylic

Memories are Important

A father dies before his time. Before he got to see his daughter grow up. He misses the opportunity to walk her down the isle. He misses grandchildren he will never get to hold. So what goes through the mind of the daughter he leaves behind? She thinks of better times.

I was asked to paint this painting of a girl and her father. I was told it was one of her favorite pictures. I did not know either of them but I felt I knew them by the time I finished.

The girl looks to be young. I say that because of how her right foot is slighly twisted inward. A pose I myself used when someone was giving me a compliment I did not know how to respond too. I am guessing he is giving her a few pointers but I am also thinking he is giving her words of encouragement. When we are young we need to know someone believes in you.

I think he is telling her he loves her. He is proud of her and that he doesn’t want her to quit. I will never know what he said, but for that young girl it became a memory she wants to hold onto now that he is gone.

As parents our words matter. Our children look to us for guidance, love and security. It’s the biggest most important job we will ever do. We don’t do it perfectly. Any parent who hasn’t made mistakes is lying to themselves. Our kids will forgive us for a lot, but they won’t forgive cruelty or tearing them down so they are without hope.

If you are blessed to have a strong man in your life who you call dad you are fortunate. To all the dads who are guiding their children to become strong adults I thank you.