Finished my series of alpacas. Hadn’t really planned on doing a series it just sort of happened. Went to an alpaca farm this past fall called Wisconsin Alpacas and fell in love. They are beautiful animals. We got to get up close and feed them. Good thing I went in the morning. I was told they get a little tired of visitors and start to get a little crabby after a while. Don’t we all😜.

Each are done in acrylic on 8″x10″ canvas board. Enjoy!

Gentle and Strong

Alpacas are beautiful animals that are not native to America. They are not work animals but are raised for their fibers. If you have ever had an alpaca sweater or socks you are blessed. The fibers make for soft and warm clothing.

I love just watching them. Their bodies look a little comical with their long neck, short legs and beautiful wavy hair. They look like of over sized poodles.

So here is to gentle and strong….

“Gentle and Strong”. 8”x10” acrylic