My Christmas Goat

So a goat is not a sheep but they are just as cute. My house is decorated earlier this year then usual. It really puts me in the holiday mood. I’ve already got some of my holiday shopping done but crunch time will be after thanksgiving.

I always look forward to thanksgiving. The last few years we have spent it with my daughter. This year as an added joy, out of state family will be joining us. Fun for everyone and it will includes limited sleep for all. Little cousins together laughing, playing and eating too much. Creating great family memories is what it is all about.

I know I am blessed. I have a husband I adore, good health and children that I am proud of. I love my time with the grandchildren and I’m glad I have lived long enough to know each of them.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

“My Christmas Goat”. 8”x10” on acrylic canvas board $40

Cutting Boards

I’ve discovered that cutting boards come in many shapes. Its fun looking for the unique. It is also a good reason to go shopping. So when my husband asks me “what are we looking for?” I smile and say “Honey we are looking for the unique, for the different, for the one of a kind.”

So while shopping with family in Frederick, Maryland I found a moose shaped cutting board. It’s new; it’s unique; it’s perfect. I knew I wanted to paint it.

Cutting boards are usually very smooth and absorbent. So getting paint to stick takes patience and persistence. What to paint wasn’t a problem. Painting a moose on a moose cutting board made sense to me.

Here he is in the wild. It’s from several photos of moose in Alaska. A state where the glaciers are melting at an accelerated rate. Global warming is real and the beauty we enjoy will be gone along with the wildlife.

I hope I haven’t painted the next animal to be extinct.

“In the Wild”. Acrylic on wood $75

Bunny Love

When someone asks you to paint a painting and that someone is a 9 year with big blue eyes how can I say no. My grandchildren think I can paint and draw anything. This last week I drew foxes, monsters, Halloween pumpkins and storm troopers all in one setting. No matter how awful I think some of these drawings are I am always highly praised for my work.

So I say to all my fellow artist when you feel you are in a slump and everything you paint turns out all wrong find a child. A child will make you feel like a Artist Goddess. You will get hugs, kisses and requests for even more paintings. They will tell you how awesome and amazing you are and how one day they hope to be an artist just like you.

So onto my next artist project!!

Love my Bunny. 9”x9” acrylic