Not always serious….

I was given this big wood bowl to paint. I wanted to do whimsical instead of what I usually do. I love quotes in fact I have a large collection of favorites.

So I painted this woman who wants to be fearless. Being fearless is hard and lonely work. I have often felt that way trying to be strong when sometimes I just want to be cared for.

So I painted her with a message. I painted her not totally alone but with two black birds to help guide her path.

I love who she wants to be.

Making Others Happy

One of the things I love about painting is when something I paint makes another person so happy that all they want to do is give me a hug. That’s what I got today. One of those moments you can’t create. It’s something that makes my entire day brighter.

I was commissioned to paint a mother’s hands. She is in her 90’s and she is teaching her daughter and granddaughters how to make this traditional German pastry. This painting is going to be mom’s Christmas present. I felt so truly blessed to be asked to paint this. The first picture is the photo I was given and the second is the painting I did.

I truly believe that whatever your talents are in life you are meant to share them.

The Original photo
The painting