Sometimes it’s just a test

Sometimes I paint something just to see if I can. Bird’s nests are hard and I don’t know why it is. My friend recently painted a bird’s nest and I had to catch myself from touching the canvas it looked that real.

I had taken some pictures a few years back of a robin’s nest that was constructed on the railing of our deck. It allowed me some great photos. I decided I would try again to paint a bird’s nest. This one is small. 4″x4″. I am pleased. It does get better to paint it more than once. That doesn’t mean it is easier. New Life

“New Life”. Acrylic. 4”x4”

National Aquarium

Have you ever been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore? It is an awesome place. I took tons of pictures when I visited last October. I was concerned that I would drop my phone onto the water. I have bad luck when it comes to technology and water. Anyway I took pictures of this turtle and I wanted to paint him. And no, I don’t know for certain it was a boy I’m just guessing. So I’ve finally got around to painting him.

Meet my turtle. Mr T