Cutting Boards

I’ve discovered that cutting boards come in many shapes. Its fun looking for the unique. It is also a good reason to go shopping. So when my husband asks me “what are we looking for?” I smile and say “Honey we are looking for the unique, for the different, for the one of a kind.”

So while shopping with family in Frederick, Maryland I found a moose shaped cutting board. It’s new; it’s unique; it’s perfect. I knew I wanted to paint it.

Cutting boards are usually very smooth and absorbent. So getting paint to stick takes patience and persistence. What to paint wasn’t a problem. Painting a moose on a moose cutting board made sense to me.

Here he is in the wild. It’s from several photos of moose in Alaska. A state where the glaciers are melting at an accelerated rate. Global warming is real and the beauty we enjoy will be gone along with the wildlife.

I hope I haven’t painted the next animal to be extinct.

“In the Wild”. Acrylic on wood $75

Sometimes it’s just a test

Sometimes I paint something just to see if I can. Bird’s nests are hard and I don’t know why it is. My friend recently painted a bird’s nest and I had to catch myself from touching the canvas it looked that real.

I had taken some pictures a few years back of a robin’s nest that was constructed on the railing of our deck. It allowed me some great photos. I decided I would try again to paint a bird’s nest. This one is small. 4″x4″. I am pleased. It does get better to paint it more than once. That doesn’t mean it is easier. New Life

“New Life”. Acrylic. 4”x4”