Life Lesson

My 11 year old granddaughter sent me a picture she had taken of a zebra. She wanted to know what I thought of the photo. Like any good grandma I used encouraging words about her photographic abilities. I then said I would love to one day paint it. She quickly responded that she hoped I would say that and yes I could paint from her photo. She had one requirement. “Grandma, I want credit for the photo.”

Hum, now where did she learn about that? I assured her I would and proceeded to paint her zebra. I have asked her if she liked the final product. She whole heartedly said yes she loved it.

Now she hasn’t asked me if she can have the painting. But I’ve been thinking. If she does should I give her a life lesson that includes a payment plan??

“All Black and White” acrylic on canvas 18”x24”

Reference photo. Original photo taken by “Leena Merchant”.

Art During Covid

So I’m looking around my art studio (aka basement) and I see all this art. What I see is art that is ok, but not awesome. How can I make my art better? I decided to do some revamping. Revamping has been fun. I’m still working on additional pieces to change. Stay tuned.

This piece has a new home at my cousin’s house.
This highlander has a new home at my friend’s house.
This 5”x7” acrylic has been revamped and looking for a new home for $15

Cutting Boards

I’ve discovered that cutting boards come in many shapes. Its fun looking for the unique. It is also a good reason to go shopping. So when my husband asks me “what are we looking for?” I smile and say “Honey we are looking for the unique, for the different, for the one of a kind.”

So while shopping with family in Frederick, Maryland I found a moose shaped cutting board. It’s new; it’s unique; it’s perfect. I knew I wanted to paint it.

Cutting boards are usually very smooth and absorbent. So getting paint to stick takes patience and persistence. What to paint wasn’t a problem. Painting a moose on a moose cutting board made sense to me.

Here he is in the wild. It’s from several photos of moose in Alaska. A state where the glaciers are melting at an accelerated rate. Global warming is real and the beauty we enjoy will be gone along with the wildlife.

I hope I haven’t painted the next animal to be extinct.

“In the Wild”. Acrylic on wood $75