National Aquarium

Have you ever been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore? It is an awesome place. I took tons of pictures when I visited last October. I was concerned that I would drop my phone onto the water. I have bad luck when it comes to technology and water. Anyway I took pictures of this turtle and I wanted to paint him. And no, I don’t know for certain it was a boy I’m just guessing. So I’ve finally got around to painting him.

Meet my turtle. Mr T

Silk Bunnies

The holidays took me by storm. Time with grandkids took priority over painting. I always try to come up with activites to do with them that is fun. It leaves little time for anything else. I hope I perk their love of all things art.  Time will tell.

Now they are back home and my house is a little too quiet. I have returned to my basement to paint.  A friend gave me this pocture of bunnies to paint. It was just the motivation I needed.

My Silly Bunny

Now I am painting bunnys. Guess where there is one bunny there is more.  I think there are a couple of hundred living under our deck.  Every week I see the teenage version of a bunny start strutting in the yard.   They act like they own the place. 😜

I really wish we didn’t have so many bunnies even though they are cute. 

Timid Self. 4″x4″