Long Winter

I fear it will be a long winter. Winters are not as bad for me as they once were. Before I retired weather played no factor in whether I went to work or not. I always drove in the elements. Driving in bad weather was part of the job.

But that was a different time and now I have a great deal of less stress in my life. At least that was the case before Covid. Once the weather warmed up this past spring I meet with my friends in parks, driveways and in garages at least once a week. We brought our chairs, coffee snd talked about our lives. I valued each time we were together. Yet in the back of my mind thoughts of cold and snow would make these get togethers come to an end.

I told myself I needed a project for my upcoming winter hibernation. I need several projects to keep me busy until spring. So I decided to paint the paintings of the masters. I would paint on the back of denim jackets. Jackets of all sizes as long as they are denim. This could be a lot of fun. I hope I can these wearable pieces of art.

And so I began. This first jacket is a woman’s medium. I painted “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” originally done by Johannes Vermeer in 1665.

Yes it can be washed by hand or in the wash machine on gentle cycle. Line dry and iron only on the areas not painted. Cost $70.

The back
The front
Front pocket detail.
(I added the pearl to tie in with the name of the painting)

Small Wonders

Sometimes after painting something large I want to shift gears and paint something small. I can’t tell you how many rocks I’ve painted and small wood disks. A lot I assure you. Since it was fun painting small and my art studio (aka basement) needed organizing and cleaning I came across these wood disks. I remember buying them because I loved that had been laser cut on the edges. I pulled them out of my stack of future projects and decided to paint them.

They are 8” in diameter with the painting area of 4”. So I had to be creative on a small scale. So I’m done and selling them for $15 each. Hope you like them and you should see how organized my studio is. No, I’m not posting pictures you will just have to take my word “I’m organized”. 🤪

Animal Shelters

There are so many animals that are looking for homes. My kids have gotten their pets from various rescue sites. I always think these animals were the lucky ones.

Painting cats is one of my favorite subjects to paint. They are always cute. You can see they have attitude. I think they know just how irresistible they are. This one has those blue eyes that look like they are following you. She’s sitting on her throne waiting for the love and admiration she is certain to get.

You can’t help but to fall in love. So I encourage anyone looking for a pet to go to the animal shelters in your area. They need homes and love just like we do. What better thing to do but to spend the pandemic with a new furry friend.

“Missy” – 5×7 acrylic