My Tiny Treasure

There is an annual competition where artists submit paintings or photos that are 3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ in size. Crazy hard to paint these little pictures.

I was looking at some old photos of the grandkids and saw this one of Leena. She’s about 2. She is pretending to read. I loved her sideways grin of concentration. I thought I would paint her if I found my 3 hair brush. Found it!!!See Me Read!!

Cold in Nebraska

Don’t you feel sorry for the animals when it gets cold? I do. I know they have all of that fur to keep them warm but still they are spending most if their lives in the elements.

My friend Gail Bartels gave me this photo of cows after a snowfall. To see snow on their backs against their black and brown coats made for a really neat picture. I often see deserted homes and buildings in farmer fields that I guess can provide shelter for the animals. This house has seem better days.

So I loved the flat and open prairie and the cows just hanging out after a light snowfall in Nebraska. Snow fall - watercolor

Working Hands

I submitted “Working Hands” in the Hoard Art Show, Ft. Atkinson. Today was the award ceremony and I won 1st place in the non-professional category for Working Hands. After the program I had a woman come up to me to ask about the hands. She shared with me that she was inspired to do a painting with either embroidery work or with a quilt in the background. She wanted to remember art work from the past. She wanted to honor her grandmother.

I was touched that what I painted had inspired her. Power to the Brush!!! Thanks to the judges for enjoying my work. Working Hands