My One Lone Duck

It hasn’t been easy to paint so painting has been at a slower process then usual. That’s ok. I watch the news and then I feel so drained. I’ve decided for my own mental health I need to regulate how much news I watch each day. Each day I also search for joy.

I have decided to call someone to let them know I am thinking of them. Society seem to often communicate by texting then by talking. We need to not just rely so much on texting. It is not enough to help find joy. Do when I call and visit with a friend or with a family member I love hearing about their life, their families and how they are spending their day. We all have a story to tell.

This week my granddaughter stopped at the house and tapped on the patio door. So good to see her. We shared a few words and said “I love you’s”. It was a moment of joy.

I have actually been listening to several different podcasts and so many talk about joy. I am lucky I have my husband with me but not everyone has someone to be with during this period of isolation. So think of them and pick up the phone. No one is ok being alone all of the time.

Find joy for yourself and help others find their joy during this most challenging and difficult time.

Mixed Media

I typically shy away from learning different art processes but this is addicting. I think it is helping me get in touch with my inner child by using glue, scissors, and paint. When I start I don’t have a clear image of my final product which is fun and scary at the same time. You see I have always been the type of person who stays within the lines. This has no lines. It does have many layers.

So I had a sketch of a bird with a touch of zen doodle. This bird I then scanned and printed onto card stock. I had the subject piece for my mixed media. More glue, mod podge and paint. I think it’s done.

“Sweet Song” 5.75” x 5.75” mixed media on wood. $25

The Perfect Gift

One thing I love to do is to give gifts to others. Especially if it is the “perfect” gift and if it’s an unexpected gift. Who doesn’t love surprises! I sure do, but that isn’t why I buy surprise gifts. I do it because it makes me feel so darn good. Plus “perfect” gifts aren’t always known ahead of time. You find “perfect” gifts when you aren’t looking. Maybe that is why I love giving these types of gifts. You see it; instantly think of someone; then you buy it.

I have been guilty of buying a gift because it is expected and doing that does not mean I don’t enjoy it. But when you see that “perfect” gift it lights up your entire day. In fact you’re dying to tell someone what you found and who you’re going to give your “perfect” gift to.

My daughter called me one day so happy and excited. I could tell from her voice that she had something great happen. She told me that she is the best daughter ever. (Yes I knew this. ) She just found the perfect gift for me. She can’t tell me because she is going to give it to me for Christmas. But mom, she said it’s so perfect for you and I had to tell you now. I know Christmas is 3 months away, but mom this is so “perfect”. Yes honey I know how that feels.

The point of this story is I was commissioned to paint a painting. He had a vision of a gift. I could tell by his words it was one of those “perfect” gifts. I painted his painting from a group of pictures and a old Christmas card. His vision came in pieces.

So I gave him some choices and he made his selection and I began to paint. Today he got his painting. He looked happy and I felt happy. Creating a “perfect” gift for someone is pretty darn awesome too.

A Lady’s Farm