A Girl and Her Dog

My granddaughter and my granddog are funny to watch. Tazz the dog was in the family first. The kids came and I always wondered what the dog thought about all that. My granddaughter has painted the dogs toenails when she slept. She has tried to dress Tazz but the dog won’t have it. I’ve seen the dog just get up and leave the room. I’m sure she was thinking “these little people are just too loud.”

I saw my granddaughter trying to get Tazz’s attention. She went nose to nose trying to get the dog to do something. I took a picture. I see another painting and here it is.

Nose to Nose

Lady in Red

The original photo was taken by Melanie Wainwright who lives in Nepal.  This beautiful woman and her daughter were performing puja for Rato Machhindranath at a temple.  It was the first night of ceremony ushering in monsoon season.

I finally found time to paint this woman. What captured my eye was her smile and her beautiful clothing.  Hope you enjoy.  Lady in Red

Sunday Best

Christmas is nearly upon us and I can’t help but think of those who are struggling now. People whose homes have been washed away or burned. People who don’t have clean water and adequate shelter. What will their Christmas be like?

What will the new year bring them?

This photo was taken in 1942 or 43. The depression had ended but for some their lives had not changed. Poverty in America is still alive and strong. In this rich nation no one should ever be hungry or cold especially our children. This painting is about our children and what will be their future.“Sunday Best”