What Have I Been Doing

It’s Frogs

Never been a big fan of frogs. They are green and usually slimy. I don’t like slimy anything. So why did a do a painting of a frog? It was the reflection. I love reflections in the water. I saw this photograph and I loved it. I asked the photographer, Zachary Raymond Vaughan if I could paint from his amazing photos. He said “go for it”. I was totally over the moon happy. He really has artistic eye. I encourage you to check him out on Instagram.

14”x 20” acrylic

I loved so many of his photos it was hard to choose which one to paint from. So I started with the frog. I think this is a perfect painting for a bathroom. I think it’s going into my bathroom first..just for a little while. 😎

Spring is Coming

“Mama I’m Hungry”
9×12 acrylic on canvas

By the time March gets here I’m ready for spring. I’m thinking of flower beds, gardens and enjoying as much time as I can outside. I saw my first robin a few weeks ago which put me in the mood to paint birds. I did two. There is still snow on the ground but spring is coming. Just a few more winter storms and cold walks and then everything becomes new again.

I’ve got my list of projects just need to wait a few weeks more. ❤️

“Back Home”
6×6 acrylic on canvas (sold)

Daughter’s Cat

I have painted my share of cats. All with their unique personalities coming though. You can tell the cat that wants to stir things up. There is the cat that wants to spend the day in the window enjoying the sun. I love the cat that thinks it is in charge of the house; including the dog.

My experience is that cats can be a little standoffish until they know you. They don’t want to be petted by strangers and they’re not influenced by the treats in your hand. I have to respect a cat that is cautious. I’m a little like the cat.

This is a Christmas present. A portrait of a cat living his best life. A day by the window and a little catnip. What could be better?