What Have I Been Doing

Time to Reflect

With the many worries that come with living in a pandemic I wonder how are we all spending our days. I find I keep wishing that I would wake up from this nightmare, but every day is a repeat of the day before. I am not alone I have my husband but there is a cloak of uncertainty that hangs over us. When will this be over? The challenge during this difficult time is to find joy in whatever you do.

My heart swells when I think of my family and friends. As hard as this pandemic is the best thing that has happened is from the many phone calls and zoom meetings that I have been part of. We talk more; we check in with each other; we share our hearts.

Where would we be without technology? To talk and see each others faces is an amazing thing. In fact I have learned you can play Pictionary and “Grandma Guess What Room I’m In” on the Zoom App. Who knew.

But not knowing when I will see and spend time with sons, daughters, grandkids, aunts, cousins and friends is the hardest part. Whether they are a few miles away or thousands of miles the lack of the physical embrace can bring tears to my eyes. I just miss them.

I’m blessed to have a circle of friends where someone calls or texts each day. We each feel the emptiness of not being together. A band of women who have becomes sisters instead of friends. We share our blessings and our fears. In our circle new grand babies are born, new illnesses develop and life itself never slows down. So it’s important to keep moving forward.

I stop and start when it comes to my painting. I wonder what will I do with all this art that I have created. I simply do not know, but painting gives me joy so I continue to paint. I just did this little painting only because little pieces are easier; less canvas to fill. I enjoy painting chickens but those who know me know my favorite animal is sheep.

No sheep today just a couple of chickens walking on a cold Wisconsin winter morning.

Candy Suckers

So I’m on this site where photos are free for artists to paint. So I start scanning the images that are posted. I see a picture of a little boy in a country I know I will never have the means to visit. I’m always drawn to children especially children wearing their cultural dress. The fabric is beautiful and the little boy too adorable not to try to make into a painting.

Now when you paint from a photo it is important that the images are high quality. High quality images makes it so much easier on the artist. I know this rule. I’ve learned this rule. Yet I must set all of that aside. I want to paint this little boy.

During this quarantine I’ve cleaned my house, organized drawers and cleaned flower beds. So why not challenge myself with painting from a small slightly fuzzy picture.

Here is my final product. It’s a 9”x12” acrylic on canvas. I hope I’ve done him justice.

My One Lone Duck

It hasn’t been easy to paint so painting has been at a slower process then usual. That’s ok. I watch the news and then I feel so drained. I’ve decided for my own mental health I need to regulate how much news I watch each day. Each day I also search for joy.

I have decided to call someone to let them know I am thinking of them. Society seem to often communicate by texting then by talking. We need to not just rely so much on texting. It is not enough to help find joy. Do when I call and visit with a friend or with a family member I love hearing about their life, their families and how they are spending their day. We all have a story to tell.

This week my granddaughter stopped at the house and tapped on the patio door. So good to see her. We shared a few words and said “I love you’s”. It was a moment of joy.

I have actually been listening to several different podcasts and so many talk about joy. I am lucky I have my husband with me but not everyone has someone to be with during this period of isolation. So think of them and pick up the phone. No one is ok being alone all of the time.

Find joy for yourself and help others find their joy during this most challenging and difficult time.