Eye of the Tiger

Tigers are really beautiful animals though I never want to meet one in the street. Their coloring and black markings really give them a regal look. With that in mind I decided to paint one; a close up just to remind the viewer who is boss. 

Fair Trade

I absolutely love to go to fair trade stores. Whenever we travel I look to see if there is a fair trade store in the area. I love the concept of fair trade that the artists, weavers, potters who create and make the products are given a fair price for their work.

I was in Madison a few weeks ago and stopped at Serrv a fait trade store on Monroe Street.  On the wall they had the most beautiful baskets from around the world displayed.  I askef if I could take a picture. No problem they said. I got home and started painting.

6″x12″ acrylic on canvas

Little Monkey

I am preparing for an art exhibit in one of the visiting areas at the UW Hospital in Madison. It is going to be an Africa theme.  I need about 12 paintings.  Since I don’t have that many on hand I needed to pick up my brush and start painting. Here are  my recent efforts.