Artscape 2022 – Eagle River

I’m pleased to post that for a second year one of my paintings will be on display in Eagle River, Wisconsin as part of their Artscape Program. What I like about this program is how easy it is to participate. I had to send a high quality digital photo of my painting or photograph to the coordinator. She then seeks sponsors who pay to have that image put onto a banner. That banner will hang on Main Street for the summer and will be auctioned off at a later date. All proceeds go to the community.

I love the concept of artists and photographers helping to make a community beautiful. We always need some beauty in our lives. People are dealing with some hard issues. The pandemic has not been easy for any of us. I am thankful that I’ve had a release in painting. While I paint I don’t have to think about all that saddens and worries me at the moment. I can take my brush, pick a color, and get lost for a couple of hours. I found my happy place.

Banner Day in Watertown

A few years ago I agreed to paint a banner that would be hung up on Main Street in Watertown, Wisconsin. This has since become a yearly event in the city and a way to raise money for the arts.  This year I agreed to do two banners. That is four paintings!

The hardest thing is too come up with an idea. This banner reflects our time spent in Australia and the art done by the Aborigines.  They do amazing work by putting dots of color in their pictures. I really found the art striking. So I decidedly to put a similar design on my banner.

The banners go on sale in the fall. My daughter has directed me to bid on this one.  She says it will look great hanging in her home in Texas.

24″x36″ canvas, acrylic

Banner Day

In Watertown Wisconsin local artists paint canvas banners that are hung on Main Street during the summer.  Residents vote on which banners they like the most. In September the banners are taken down and are sold at auction.

My banner titled Going to Church got Honorable Mention.  My husband purchased my  banner for me.  All proceeds go to beautifying the city of Watertown. It is done annually and I am already thinking of what to paint next year.