Art During Covid

So I’m looking around my art studio (aka basement) and I see all this art. What I see is art that is ok, but not awesome. How can I make my art better? I decided to do some revamping. Revamping has been fun. I’m still working on additional pieces to change. Stay tuned.

This piece has a new home at my cousin’s house.
This highlander has a new home at my friend’s house.
This 5”x7” acrylic has been revamped and looking for a new home for $15

Sometimes it’s just a test

Sometimes I paint something just to see if I can. Bird’s nests are hard and I don’t know why it is. My friend recently painted a bird’s nest and I had to catch myself from touching the canvas it looked that real.

I had taken some pictures a few years back of a robin’s nest that was constructed on the railing of our deck. It allowed me some great photos. I decided I would try again to paint a bird’s nest. This one is small. 4″x4″. I am pleased. It does get better to paint it more than once. That doesn’t mean it is easier. New Life

“New Life”. Acrylic. 4”x4”

Wine Walk – September 14, 2017

Watertown, Wisconsin is going to have it’s first annual art and wine walk. The event is scheduled for September 14, from 5:30-8:30pm in downtown Watertown. Local businesses will have wine to taste and enjoy while looking at local art. 

So my friend has talked me into sharing a booth at Pidder Padder Paws.  Since this store is about pets seemed appropriate to paint animals. I have started paintings for this event. Small 6″x6″ paintings for $25. My thinking is that when purchased the paintings can fit easily in a purse.   Nothing big to carry;  only a wine glass. 

Baby Blue
Fluffy and Cold
Chilling Together