Sunday Best

Christmas is nearly upon us and I can’t help but think of those who are struggling now. People whose homes have been washed away or burned. People who don’t have clean water and adequate shelter. What will their Christmas be like?

What will the new year bring them?

This photo was taken in 1942 or 43. The depression had ended but for some their lives had not changed. Poverty in America is still alive and strong. In this rich nation no one should ever be hungry or cold especially our children. This painting is about our children and what will be their future.“Sunday Best”

Hope for our Children 

I think of all the violence in the world. The children that never get a chance to live up to their potential.  As I painted this picture it made me sad. I hope for so much for children today. Addiction, poverty and so much anger cannot be all there is in store for them. There has to be more.  I do not have the solution for this complicated issue, but I know we must try.  We must instill in children that they are loved and the importance of an education. To know that work and being responsible for they actions is part of being an adult.  We all must live up to our potential and use the talents we are blessed with.

I want our children to succeed. I have hope. 


Little Girls

Why is it that little girls can steal your heart?  I have beautiful granddaughters that I can safely say have stolen my heart. My grandsons are just as precious. I think it is the way a child looks at you. They trust you; they love you. They hold nothing back.

My cousin Brenda went to Nepal and her and her friend took some amazing   pictures of the people.  This little girl was photographed by Melanie Boyd Wainwright. With her permission I painted her. Who could resist that face?