When A Horse Looks At You

Horses have always been in my family. Not my immediate family but my cousins seemed to all have horses.  They had cute names like “buttercup” and “sweetpea”. I never rode their horses. The only time I was on a horse was when I was on my honeymoon.  Very bad idea.

I always watched where I put my feet when I am around horses. I notice that they always look hard at you like they are trying to decide if they want to kick you or let you scatch their heads.

I saw these two horses in Madison pulling a Cinderella like carriage. Everyone looked bappy. So I thought I would take some pictures.  You tell me does this horse like to be photographed?  I took my shots and gave them plenty of space.

Never painted horses before and even though I never owned a horse I was s big fan of Mr. Ed when I was growing up. Don’t know Mr. Ed?  Very cool horse google him.

Acrylic on artist palette.   18″x 11″

Artist Palette Acrylic
When A Horse Sees You