Silly Bunny

That is what I call my grandchildren who live in Maryland. I am missing them so much so I grabbed my paint brush and painted something that would make them say……”grandma can I have that picture-please”. Grandma always says yes.   

They are my biggest little fans. 

Silly Bunny

Fair Trade

I absolutely love to go to fair trade stores. Whenever we travel I look to see if there is a fair trade store in the area. I love the concept of fair trade that the artists, weavers, potters who create and make the products are given a fair price for their work.

I was in Madison a few weeks ago and stopped at Serrv a fait trade store on Monroe Street.  On the wall they had the most beautiful baskets from around the world displayed.  I askef if I could take a picture. No problem they said. I got home and started painting.

6″x12″ acrylic on canvas

Oh I Love Beautiful Quilts

Quilts always makes me think of my grandma Shebel. She was a master quilter who taught me the basics of sewing. I always look at quilts as pieces of art. The colors, the designs all speak to art. So where do I get my artist talents?  I got them from my grandma.   Grandma always encouraged me to be an art teacher. I had other dreams for my future which she did not try to change. However I never forgot my art.

I am at a genealogy conference where some beautiful quilts are hanging in the auditorium. I feel that old familiar feeling of inspiration.  I just had to share.