The Perfect Spot

I love to go to garage sales, flea markets and resale stores like Goodwill and St. Vincent. I’m always looking for good deals and unusual finds. When I find something awesome my husband usually asks “but where will you put it?” That isn’t always an easy question to answer. If truth be told I sometimes ask myself that question but I won’t admit that.

As an artist I’m always looking for good picture frames. Sometimes the frame and picture is so perfect that I buy it with the intention of painting over the picture. It’s the perfect example of recycling. So this last picture/frame combination that I bought I had an excellent idea for a painting.

Turned out this was no canvas board I was painting on. Holy cow was this hard to paint on!! The paint wouldn’t move and seemed to be absorb to quickly into the surface. Fortunately I was determined.

I showed my husband my finished product. He loved it. I told him I know exactly where this painting needs to go. I know the space that needs a splash of color. We need this in our dining room!!!

A Kiss for the Road

This time of year involves traveling for many. Some of us travel by plane, car or bus; we travel near and far. Traveling can make me a we bit anxious. I know the facts about traveling but it doesn’t always help. Fact: we are safer in planes then on the road. Fact: people die in crashes closer to home then faraway. Fact: seat belts save lives. I could go on and on. Highway safety was kinda my thing before retiring. I was in law enforcement for over 30 years so this was what my agency focused on.

I think about these facts whenever we leave the house. My husband and I get additional insurance when we travel out of state. Before we leave our driveway we kiss and say “safe trip”. I really don’t remember when this started, but we’ve been doing it for years. Once we reach our destination we kiss and say “thank you God”. We always do this.

I’ve seen the aftermath of enough vehicle crashes that no matter how good of a driver you are you can’t control the other drivers who share the road with you. You can’t control the deer that may run out in front of you. You can’t always know when your vehicle will have a major equipment failure. So many variables that are outside of your control.

So when we travel I like that we kiss. That we take a tiny moment to say out loud what is in our hearts. We hope this trip is uneventful. We hope everyone gets to where they want to go safely. We don’t want any excitement along the way.

So this holiday season have a safe trip. Do what you need to do to arrive safely. I would be interested to hear if you have a ritual you would like to share. In the meantime be safe. 💋

So Many Feet

I’ve been wanting to paint a group of sheep. I wanted it to be a winter scene. I finally found the right photo and with her permission I started to paint. Seemed like I underestimated the number of legs and ears in this grouping. Each sheep four legs; each sheep two ears. Wait, I think I have two many ears! Did I miss a head?

It was fun and kind of silly at times. I started with a real good base drawing. That is the key to any good painting. A good drawing, then a close review and I started my first set of counting. I painted one or two sheep a day. Then I stopped. Is that one leg or two legs close together? Which sheep goes with these legs? Yikes my eyes were starting to jump. Maybe I need a friend’s help with this puzzle? No I got this. It’s not difficult. I lived on a farm once upon a time. I need to paint on!

So I’m painting sheep and more sheep. I’m coming to the end. I pause. They don’t look fluffy enough. Yes, sheep are considered fluffy but sometimes people say they are wooly. It’s the same thing. ❤️

Do I dare say this? Yes I’m done. They are looking at me like I’m looking at them. Seems like they heard something or maybe a really cute ewe in the neighboring field just caught their eye. 🐑. All I know for sure is I love painting sheep. Why? Well that’s another story for another day.

Thanks to Julie Leatherwood Creek Farms for granting permission to paint from her photograph.

12”x24” acrylic. “Sheep Gazing”