Lady in Red

The original photo was taken by Melanie Wainwright who lives in Nepal.  This beautiful woman and her daughter were performing puja for Rato Machhindranath at a temple.  It was the first night of ceremony ushering in monsoon season.

I finally found time to paint this woman. What captured my eye was her smile and her beautiful clothing.  Hope you enjoy.  Lady in Red

Little Girls

Why is it that little girls can steal your heart?  I have beautiful granddaughters that I can safely say have stolen my heart. My grandsons are just as precious. I think it is the way a child looks at you. They trust you; they love you. They hold nothing back.

My cousin Brenda went to Nepal and her and her friend took some amazing   pictures of the people.  This little girl was photographed by Melanie Boyd Wainwright. With her permission I painted her. Who could resist that face?