I Thought We Were Friends 

You must know I did not want to believe that my friend betrayed me.  I originally blamed others for the aftermath.  But this afternoon I was getting ready for my afternoon jog when my eyes showed me the truth that my heart was denying.

The sad thing is I was bragging earlier  about these beautiful mums I had bought. Great price and healthy. I had bought more yesterday because they would only add beauty to my front door. So what a surprise I had when I found that one of the plants had been eaten. I blamed the squirrels.  I blamed the chipmunks. I was wrong.

It was the rabbit. I caught her fur handed. She acted like I didn’t see her but I did.  She was eating on a new mum!!!!

Why do I bother with real plants. I will just get plastic!!!!  Here she is just pretending I have not just caught her.