A Girl and Her Dog

My granddaughter and my granddog are funny to watch. Tazz the dog was in the family first. The kids came and I always wondered what the dog thought about all that. My granddaughter has painted the dogs toenails when she slept. She has tried to dress Tazz but the dog won’t have it. I’ve seen the dog just get up and leave the room. I’m sure she was thinking “these little people are just too loud.”

I saw my granddaughter trying to get Tazz’s attention. She went nose to nose trying to get the dog to do something. I took a picture. I see another painting and here it is.

Nose to Nose

Making Others Happy

One of the things I love about painting is when something I paint makes another person so happy that all they want to do is give me a hug. That’s what I got today. One of those moments you can’t create. It’s something that makes my entire day brighter.

I was commissioned to paint a mother’s hands. She is in her 90’s and she is teaching her daughter and granddaughters how to make this traditional German pastry. This painting is going to be mom’s Christmas present. I felt so truly blessed to be asked to paint this. The first picture is the photo I was given and the second is the painting I did.

I truly believe that whatever your talents are in life you are meant to share them.

The Original photo
The painting