I Thought We Were Friends 

You must know I did not want to believe that my friend betrayed me.  I originally blamed others for the aftermath.  But this afternoon I was getting ready for my afternoon jog when my eyes showed me the truth that my heart was denying.

The sad thing is I was bragging earlier  about these beautiful mums I had bought. Great price and healthy. I had bought more yesterday because they would only add beauty to my front door. So what a surprise I had when I found that one of the plants had been eaten. I blamed the squirrels.  I blamed the chipmunks. I was wrong.

It was the rabbit. I caught her fur handed. She acted like I didn’t see her but I did.  She was eating on a new mum!!!!

Why do I bother with real plants. I will just get plastic!!!!  Here she is just pretending I have not just caught her. 

House Forgotten

I have taken a lot of pictures of this birds nest. I remember the work that went into this little home. I was concerned about the nest being built on the porch ledge but I am not a builder. I would later learn that this nest is very sturdy.  High winds and bad weather had no effect.

Two families were born and raised in this nest. I must say the second batch of kids was hard on mama robin. Gone were her well groomed feathers as she worked to feed her family. She looked tired an only seemed to move from her nest when we were “really, really” too close. The babies were constantly demanding food.

The nest is empty now. The wood from the porch railing is clearly visible when you look inside.   A lone leaf is left behind. This last batch of babies were hard on the nest and their mom. A new nest will be needed in the spring should they return.

They were good neighbors even though the kids were constantly running their birdie voices at 5 am wanting food. I think mama robin deserves a much needed rest.

Banner Day in Watertown

A few years ago I agreed to paint a banner that would be hung up on Main Street in Watertown, Wisconsin. This has since become a yearly event in the city and a way to raise money for the arts.  This year I agreed to do two banners. That is four paintings!

The hardest thing is too come up with an idea. This banner reflects our time spent in Australia and the art done by the Aborigines.  They do amazing work by putting dots of color in their pictures. I really found the art striking. So I decidedly to put a similar design on my banner.

The banners go on sale in the fall. My daughter has directed me to bid on this one.  She says it will look great hanging in her home in Texas.

24″x36″ canvas, acrylic