CA0E0326-E828-4A49-A79B-3F0D6F216636I am a Wisconsin artist living in Johnson Creek.  I am a painter.  I am often asked “how long have you been painting”?  It is easier to respond if I am asked “how long have you been artistic”.  Forever!!  I have always been creative.  I think art can come in many forms.

I recall my grandmother teaching me how to do embroidery which lead to sewing.  Then it was ceramics, knitting, quilting and crocheting.    I started doing cross stitching and then made my own jewelry.  You see what I mean?  I loved to try different creative things and I found I am better at doing some things than others.  The last five years my new love has been  watercolor and acrylic painting.  I got to tell you I am having so much fun.

If you see a painting that you would like to buy or wonder about the cost just drop me a line.  I can be reached by email at: or text me at 920-988-7805

Thanks for checking me out.  I also have a shop on Etsy.  Look for Varla’s Blue Sheep Art.